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Magadha was an ancient Indian kingdom in southern Bihar, and was counted as one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas, ‘Great Kingdoms’ of ancient India. Magadha played an important role in the development of Jainism and Buddhism , and two of India’s greatest empires, the Maurya Empire and Gupta Empire , originated in Magadha.

The Magadha Empire – Glorious Bihar

He established the Magadha empire (in 684 BC). Due in part to this bloody dynastic feuding, it is thought that a civil revolt led to the emergence of the Shishunaga dynasty. This empire, with its original capital in Rajgriha , later shifted to Pataliputra (both currently in the Indian state of Bihar).
Magadha Dynasties
The Haryanka dynasty founded the Magadha Empire in 684 BC, whose capital was Rajagriha, later Pataliputra. This dynasty was succeeded by the Shishunaga dynasty. The Mahajanapadas of Anga, Kashi, Kosala, Chedi, Vatsa, Matsya, Shursen, Ashmak, Avanti, Gandhar, and Magadha was ruled by kings or monarchs.
Haryanka dynasty
The Haryanka dynasty was thrid ruling dynasty of Magadha, an empire of ancient India, which succeeded the Pradyota dynasty & Barhadratha dynasty. Initially, the capital was Rajagriha. Later, it was shifted to Pataliputra, near the present-day Patna in India during the reign of Udayin. Thus Bimbisara is considered as the main founder of the
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Rise of Magadha Empire (Magadha Imperialism) – …

The Rise of Magadha Empire – Magadha Imperialism The Factors that led to the rise of Magadha This rise of Magadha Imperialism is unique in Indian history. The political history of India from the earliest times till the present day is an endless story of struggle between the forces of centralization and decentralization. In the sixth century …
Magadha Empire
Magadha Empire was locked in a political rivalry with such kingdoms as Kashi, Kosala, Vatsa, and Avanti for nearly hundred years and ultimately came out victorious from the conflict. Since that period, Magadha Empire came to be the centre of the North Indian politics for long.

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Rise and Growth of the MAGADHA EMPIRE (Part-2) Here, we are giving a brief summary on the Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire for the preparation of the competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc. Shishunaga


Magadha empire,Magadha embraced the former districts of Patna, Gaya and parts of Shahabad and grew to be the leading state of the time. Skip to content Tue. Nov 24th, 2020 General studies 4u LeArN SomEThiNg nEw Home Contact us MAGADHA EMPIRE

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Magadha Empire Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Magadha Empire Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Lesson for corporate world from Chanakya about talented enemies If we really
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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation on Magadha Empire for SSC, PCS, UPSC, IAS,NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students. Hello Guest ! Register or Login | 0.00 Current Affairs [MCQs] Current Affairs Quiz – April

The Sishunaga and Nanda Dynasty- Magadha Empire

The Magadhan Empire is regarded as the first empire in India. It ruled from 544 B.C to 322 B.C. Before discussing about the Sishunaga and Nanda Dynasty, let us have a short introduction about Magadha empire and it’s dynasties. During the age of Buddha there
UPSC Notes: Magadha Empire
Magadha Empire ruled from 6th century BC to the 4th century BC. The earliest important ruler of Magadh was the king Bimbisara He ruled for 52 years from 5000 Solved Gk questions 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act and Panchayat Raj 74th Constitutional

MCQ Set> 16 Mahajanapadas and Magadha Empire

MCQ> 16 Mahajanpadas and Magadha Empire: Dear reader, we have selected the most important objective questions and answers from the Sixteenth Mahajanpadas and Magadha Empire. These are very important for CGL SSC Railway UPSC IAS etc. You can read : List of Mahajanapadas (16), Capitals & Locations Note: To view Answer move mouse on the […]
مملكة ماجادها
Magadha Empire مملكة ماجادها 1200 ق.م – 322 ق. م توسع دولة ماجادها في القرنين السادس والرابع قبل الميلاد عاصمة راجاجريها. مؤخرا, اتاليبوترا (حاليا باتنا
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