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Dart Board Dimensions and Sizes

 · Setup your dart board around 5 feet and 8 inches high, measure this from the centre of the dart board (bullseye) to the ground. The height can also be measured as 68 inches, 1.73 meters or 173 centimetres. Distance from the ground to the oche It is time to set up

How high and what distance are you supposed to place a …

 · For soft-tipped darts, the line should be 8 feet from the FACE of the board. (NOTE: Some British pubs use an 8 foot or 8 foot 6 inch measurement for steel tip darts.) Here are a couple of good links that explain how to set up a dart board.

How Far Do You Stand Away From the Dart Board?

 · The official distance from the front of the dart board to the toe line is 7 feet, 9.25 inches, per rules from the Darts Regulation Authority and World Darts Federation. The National Darts Association stipulates the foul line is 8 feet away from the front of a dart board.
In Darts, this means that if the dart is to strike the board at a level attitude (nearly always the best), it should be held and thrown from a position as close to level as is possible. Any other position (such as dart point-up, dart point-down, or sideways) means extra motion of all the hand and wrist muscles to correct the initial starting position.
How high should a dart board be hung
 · The dart board is hung so that the center of the bullseye is 5’8″ (1.74m) from the floor. The throwing line or oche is generally located 7’9.25″ (2.37m) from the face of …
Nice Darts
For a standard, steel-tip set up, the line should be placed exactly 7 feet 9 and 1/4 inches from the face of the board. For soft-tipped darts, the line should be 8 feet from the face of the board. To measure from the face of the board, hold a piece of string with a dart tied to one end from the front of the board …

Top 7 Best Professional Dart Boards Review (March 2021)

So, through this review content, our focus point was the best professional dart board. The professional dartboard will help you to give a high-level performance for your dart games, whether you are playing seriously for any professional tournament or casual party games with your friends and family.
Your Own Dart Room
The lights should not be positioned in such a way that they may be hit by a high or stray dart. Even temporary lights that can be clipped on to the ceiling or elsewhere are better than nothing. Clip on lights don’t do much for the décor but they are easy to install and usually pretty cheap.
Best Dart Board Cabinets
Dartboard cabinets are a versatile and great way to house your dart boards. They can range from a simple wall mounted stand up through an expensive cabinet with a ton of bells and whistles. Includes 18″ bristle dart board, six NFL logo steel-tip darts with team
how to hang a dart board – Dart Games, Dart Rules.. The proper place to hang a dart board can be a difficult choice: The area should be a low-traffic area to decrease the risk. DARTS BASICS – Rules, Tips, Equipment, How to Hang a Dartboard. Tips to ensure your dart

Best Dartboards In 2021 [Buying Guide] – Gear Hungry

The board is high quality and equally well-designed, giving you something you can add to your home without fear it won’t look great. The board is staple-free and comes with ultra-thin wiring, ensuring that when you’re in the heat of a game, you won’t be affected by bounce-outs, which can be frustrating.
Official Dart Board Height
Height The centre of the bullseye should measure exactly five feet, eight inches from the floor. This would place the bullseye at eye level for a six-foot tall person. Hanging the dart board from the centre of the back of it makes this measurement easier to achieve.

How To Throw Darts With Precision (Step By Step …

Your dart throwing strategy should depend on your skill level. Though there are many variations of dart games, the most popular is 501 which requires hitting high numbers and hitting them consistently. So most of this strategy is focused on scoring well in a 501
Grip when the dart enters the dartboard as a means of holding the dart more firmly in the board to prevent lost darts. Whilst you can feel the extra grip of the point in the dartboard, players should be aware that these new mechanical points will wear the dartboard quicker than standard smooth points.

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