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Dead Cells
The patch is unfortunately only available on the Steam Linux and Windows versions. We will update all other platforms as soon as we can, which means probably early/mid-January as we’re almost all taking holidays until then! Update 21.5

Patch Notes and Updates – Dead Cells wiki – …

Patch Notes and Updates – Dead Cells wiki Timed Door Cutoffs and Rewards – Dead Cells wiki Weapons, Shields and Skills (Grenades, Turrets, Powers) – Dead Cells wiki World Map and Biomes Flowchart – Dead Cells wiki Update 5: The Foundry Update (12
Dead Cells Update v23.4 (alpha)
Dead Cells Update v23.4 (alpha) is now available on Steam. March Update Patch Notes v23.4 (alpha). Re-reworked the Tombstone: We keep the combo-ing doom effect of the fa

Dead Cells Update 1.16 Patch Notes (Update 19) for PS4

Dead Cells update 1.16 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Dead Cells update 1.16 patch notes, the latest Update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, the new Dead Cells patch 1.16 also includes a

Dead Cells Update 1.20 Today On January 12 Details

Dead Cells has been updated today on January 12 to add support for Fatal Falls DLC. The patch notes mention several new additions. Motion Twin had confirmed that they would release a new DLC for Dead Cells in Q1 2021. The patch released today appears to
Dead Cells Update 1.23 Details
Dead Cells Update 1.23 Patch Notes – Bugfix: Video settings crash Fatal Falls added two new biomes and a boss battle. It worked as new mid-game content for those players who had already finished the game. It was the second DLC expansion for the game.

Dead Cells (Switch): Software updates (latest: Ver. ???) …

Patch notes: No patch notes available. List of changes: Fixes performance issues impacting the Nintendo Switch version. Additional notes: none Source: Motion Twin (Twitter) Dead Cells – Ver. 1.10 (Barrels o’ Fun) Release date: September 23rd 2020 (North
Dead Cells’ Whack-A-Mole Update Is Now Live On PC
 · Dead Cells’ Whack-A-Mole Update Is Now Live On PC The delightful new update more than lives up to its name. By Hayley Williams on March 30, 2021 at 10:58PM PDT
Dead Cells
Patch notes Blog Press Wiki 03 April 2021 05 April 2021 Daily run Leaderboard 04 April 2021 Best scores | First runs only # Player Score Time Run # 1 爹地 1 543 03:14 2 2 她說終究是錯過了 1 412 00:00 1 3 king of pig 1 396 04:22 1 4 波蘭傳奇中鋒周邊球 1 5
Dead Cells Giant Boss Guide
The Centurion Report’s Dead Cells Giant boss guide. Covering everything you need to know about how to take this boss down. Search Bannerlord Rimworld Tips News Reviews Updates Random Bannerlord Patch Notes 1.0.8 – April 8th, 2020 Justin Wagner 1725

Dead Cells Update Features Half-Life Crossover Items, …

Full Dead Cells 18th Alpha Update Patch Notes Important Features New affixes: We added 11 new affixes on active skills, aimed primarily at growing the pool of affixes available for some items that

Latest Dead Cells Update Brings A Ton of Free New …

Check out the full set of patch notes for the latest Dead cells update: Important features New affixes! We added 11 new affixes on active skills, aimed primarily at growing the pool of affixes
The latest Dead Cells patch adds a Half-Life crowbar
The full patch notes are here. Motion Twin warns that before participating in the alpha, you’d be well advised to make a save backup. To access it, you’ll need to right click on Dead Cells in your

Dead Cells celebrates selling three million copies with …

Motion Twin rolled out the rejig this week, tweeting out the patch notes (ta, RPS) with the reveal that Dead Cells has been bought over three million times. Right at the top of the pile are the

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