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BioNET Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment …

BioNET ® i s great for the removals of ammonium and dissolved organics from wastewater and deteriorated water source. The bioreactor has stable and excellent effluent quality for wide ranges of influent quality, hydraulic retention time and field conditions.


 · PDF 檔案Bionet has developed a complete range of bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, Bioreactor height (M) 323 mm 359 mm 443 mm 453,5 mm 484,4 mm External diameter (M) 135 mm 175 mm 190 mm 225 mm 235 mm Cellular
Bionet – Model F3 – Biorreactors/ Fermentors Brochure BIONET’s F3 models are a unique concept for those seeking for a sterilisable in place (SIP) bioreactor/ fermentor of almost industrial size but the with the quality of a standardize product with local costs.
Bionet – F2-Pilot – Modular System by Bionet Engineering. F2 models are the perfect solution for all those seeking for a sterilisable in place (SIP) bioreactor/ fermentor, incorporating the latest technology and offering both, a user friendly handlin
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Bionet F1 model includes an autoclavable lab-scale bioreactor designed to meet the challenging and widely diverse research and development requirements. It is widely used in small-scale biomolecule production using microbial and animal cells for biopharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and other biotechnological applications.

Advanced Biotech Inc.

Bionet Advanced Biotech Inc. in conjunction with Scientific Asset Management are the Exclusive Canada And U.S.A. Distributors for Bionet Fermentors/BioReactors; 1 Liter up to 20,000 Liter. PhotoReactors and Tangential Flow Filtration Systems; Benchtop and
Bioprocess Pilot Plant. Equipment and facilities
On the other hand, the laboratory has a 10 L BIONET bioreactor to prepare the inocula to be used in the process bioreactor, or to perform preliminary studies on protocol transfer. With the capacities of this new pilot plant, IQS Tech Transfer is expanding the diversity …
7L Bioreactor Jacketed Cell Culture
7 Liter Bioreactor Assembly Jacketed (Cell Culture) The 7 Liter Broadley-James Bioreactor is the latest in autoclavable benchtop glass vessels. Available in a range of sizes: 3, 5, 7, 15 and 20 liters total volume. All metal components are manufactured from 316L
Solaris Biotech
 · Solaris’ pilot and industrial fermenters and bioreactors offer completely customizable, cGMP certifiable and highly automated solutions that are tailored according to customers’ specific needs. Volumes range from 5 L up to 30.000 L and more. Different types of


Bionet Bioreactor Equipment Optimus Instruments proudly presents a new collaboration with BIONET ENGINEERING from Spain. BIONET has developed a complete range of bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, from small R&D equipment, both in laboratory and pilot plant, to industrial scale equipment.

BioNet Bioreactor SS Air Aeration Tube with 15 Micron …

Find great deals for BioNet Bioreactor SS Air Aeration Tube with 15 Micron Sparger for 7L Vessel. Shop with confidence on eBay! Share – BioNet Bioreactor SS …

Broadley James Bionet Modular Bioreactor Systems

The Broadley James Bionet Modular Bioreactor Systems were designed to clear the bench-top allowing control equipment to be mounted underneath or above on a shelf. The system design breaks the Bioreactor into separate components including: Pump Module

NEW Bionet FO-Baby Model FO-1 1 liter Advanced …

Bionet FO-Baby Advanced autoclavable fermenter/bioreactor Manufacturer: Bionet Model: F0-Baby FO-1 Estimated delivery time: 14 weeks from receipt of order and down payment Manufactured in Spain The F0-BABY is the optimal entry level autoclavable

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